Yes, I am of course a showy person, to an extent that I can show off better than does anyone else in the world.

People misunderstand and hurt each other all the time, to a point that information is barely accurately conveyed, and each is just speaking their own languages.

People never try to understand nor do they care about what others are saying. They are such cowards, ignorants, bigots and discriminaters that each only cares about their own egos, images, and dignities. Do not blame them, however, be kind, for forgiving them is forgive yourself. Naturally we should conclude and believe in the conclusion that one should never expect others to understand him, and indeed one is never even locally completely understood, much less globally completely understood.

Understanding is luxury. Most people neither find nor care about finding someone who can understand them, until death. Think about your parents, you significant other, your children, and your friends that you have spend years with.

The benefits of the friendships between introverts and introverts is that they can at least a little bit better understand each other, or that they think or feel they can do so.

Loneliness is the destiny of one, and one must learn how and be used to play with one’s own soul, be it complete or incomplete, good or evil.

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