4 thoughts on “Would you enter a relationship if there was no chance of it lasting?

    • Good question. There are multiple reasons.

      1) I used to hold the idea that it’s pointless to enter a relationship (where both sides are romantically willing to enter) if there was no chance of it lasting (especially due to external resistance), but after reading the top comment in the screenshot, I have somewhat changed my mind. When I was in my last few days of my grade 10, there was a couple in my class that were in exactly the same situation as described by the OP: the girl was leaving for Canada after her grade 10 and would not come back, while the boy was very unlikely to go to Canada even after his high school graduation due to the high expenses there. Nevertheless, they still chose to start their relationships even if there were no more than 2 months that they could be physically together. I was very confused back then, and thought their decision was unwise, meaningless and imprudent. I started to realize, however, that their decisions was not as bad as I thought, and could even be a great one in some sense, after I read the top comment. I still keep the photos in my computer of that day, when the boy asked the girl if she was willing to date him. They were surrounded, witnessed and blessed by all the classmates, with the romantic, warm and sweet vibe throughout the classroom, which impressed me so deeply that it has become one of my best memories in my high school, even though I was a plain bystander. It can be imagined how this experience had enriched their lives if even I as a bystander had gained something from it, though they broke up soon after her leaving, which was quite expected.

      Now if I were put in their shoes, I would be more likely to make the same decision as they did.

      2) Why? Then here comes the second point: Whether life is a means or an end, an experience or a result. The top comment, with its appealing language, inspired me to think more about the meaning of life from a very different perspective. I used to think life as more of a means and result, but the top comment has somewhat swayed and forced me to rethink my view. This is another story.

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